The following is an example of some of our areas of practice. We are a general law firm, meaning we represent a variety of clients in all different kinds of matters. If we don't feel we would be a good fit, we will gladly refer you to another firm to help you with your legal issues. Call our office today for a consultation.

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Family Law

Higgins & Corder is available for all your family law needs. We specialize in divorce and dissolution, child custody disputes, child relocation matters, conservator and guardianships, pre-nuptial agreements, and other family related matters of law. We offer a reasonable $50, half hour consultation to discuss your situation and help you decide which way to go.

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Property Law, Landlord/Tenant, and Redemption Rights

There are few firms in Kansas City that specialize in the utilization or extinguishing of redemption rights, and those that do are often only interested in your business if you are a large corporation or bank. Higgins & Corder routinely represents property owners, landlords, buyers at sheriff's sales, and property developers for all matters relating to the sale of property, the purchase of property, claiming or extinguishing redemption rights, evictions, and foreclosures.

We also specialize in aiding investors with purchases of mortgages, assignments of rights, and trust deeds in both Kansas and Missouri.


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Estates, Wills, Trusts, Healthcare Directives, Living Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Probate Matters

Higgins & Corder have hundreds if not thousands of estate planning documents under their belts. Everyone, no matter their income or life situation, needs a variety of estate documents over the course of their lifetime. Whether you are a young family planning in case of an emergency or an older individual or couple planning your golden years, these essential legal documents can mean the difference between you choosing the path you want for your health, wealth, and family - or someone else making that choice for you or your loved ones.

We believe that no matter who you are, you should make the estate choices that work for you. We provide wonderfully constructed, statutorily sound documents to help you make your voice heard even when you can't say it yourself - all for a very reasonable, per document flat fee. This per document piece-meal approach to estate planning allows you to obtain the documents you want, need, and can afford. Whether all at once, or one document at a time as you need them, we can help secure the future of your health and wealth according to your wishes.

Legal Consulting and Advocacy for Dental Practitioners

MaKenzi D. Higgins is one of only a handful of lawyers in the country with experience in the intricacies of Dental Law. Her expertise in creating, running, and transitioning dental practices covers all aspects of the law as related to dental offices and providers. Higgins & Corder specialize in working with dentists who are new graduates or existing providers in negotiating favorable contractual terms. We also aid dental practices in their day to day operations with informed consents, informed refusals, guarantees of payment, HIPAA compliance, collection of past due accounts, proper charting guidelines, and even contracts for sales, associateships, and partnership agreements.

Higgins & Corder is available to dental providers for the legal issues that arise outside the confines of your malpractice insurance, including business entity creation or transition, board complaints, audits by insurance companies, releasing of problem patients, and employment issues.

Additionally, Ms. Higgins and Kristi Goyer-Myers are pro consultants regarding collection of accounts and best practices to increase your bank balance and decrease your A/R. Click the link above or go to for information on cultivating your best practice ever!